• All people have infinite worth and should be treated with compassion, respect and dignity.
  • All people have vast potential for good, which is often wasted in those who have addictions, been incarcerated, or otherwise need healing from life’s wounds.
  • The value of investing time, energy, caring and community resources in those who are dealing with addiction and/or criminal justice involvement is supported by scientific research, cost-effective, and a moral imperative.
  •  All individuals have strengths on which to build; anyone can be of service to others.
  • We assist individuals to build skills, transform destructive thinking/behavior patterns, and overcome barriers to a healthy and productive life.
  •  We offer support for the families of  those who we help.
  •  We offer support for sustained recovery, living and long-term success.
  •  Our approach can complement or serve as an alternative to 12-step and traditional models of addressing addiction and substance abuse.
  • We empower individuals with tools and knowledge drawn from the latest scientific and scholarly research on brain science, addiction, and other relevant areas.