Reentry Principles



We can have safer communities and less crime by investing in treatment and services that are grounded in evidence-based practices.

For reentry to be successful, families and community members must play active and supportive roles.

Individuals that have committed crimes can help restore the damage they did to others through acknowledging the harm they caused to victims, making amends, and becoming more productive community members.

Reducing recidivism and crime are not only criminal justice issues.  Inmates have far higher rates of mental illness, substance abuse, low literacy, poor educational achievement, poverty, homelessness, and unemployment than the general population. Effective solutions must be comprehensive and involve many community partners.

Wisconsin has one of the worst rates of incarceration in the nation for African Americans.  We focus our energies primarily on assisting individuals and families, but we support efforts to improve the criminal justice system on racial disparities and other issues.