Who We Help


Who We Help with Our Recovery Coaching Program

Our services are available to anyone dealing with addiction or a substance abuse disorder, whatever your stage of recovery. We serve those who:

  1. Have not participated in any type of treatment or counseling for substance abuse
  2. Are seeking treatment or thinking about seeking treatment
  3. Are on a waiting list for treatment
  4. Are currently receiving treatment
  5. Have completed treatment recently and are working to remain clean and sober
  6. Have been out of treatment for a longer period of time and want support to sustain their recovery
  7. Continue to relapse, in spite of having tried one or more treatment programs, and are seeking an alternative approach that will be sustainable in the long run
  8. Want to complement their involvement in a 12-step group like A.A. or N.A.
  9. Feel that 12-step groups are not right for them and want an alternative that is tailored to their needs