Science of Recovery


Addiction is a chronic, relapsing condition that is not typically cured permanently.  For most people suffering from substance use disorders, a one-time, intensive treatment either as an inpatient or outpatient will not result in long-term, sustained sobriety.  This is not due to some fault or weakness on the part of the sufferer, but due to the way that a person’s brain is affected by addictive substances and behaviors.

“Research has consistently supported the tenet that addiction treatment is generally effective at helping many individuals reduce their substance use disorder. Research has also revealed, however, that many individuals drop out of treatment, relapse within three to six months after completing treatment, or require multiple treatment episodes before achieving a sustained period of abstinence.” Source: Loveland and Boyle (2005) Manual for Recovery Coaching and Personal Recovery Plan Development, pp.4-5.

Because of the complex and harmful effects of addiction, many people would greatly increase their chances of successful, long-term sobriety by having more comprehensive support and coaching than most treatment programs can provide.  Recovery Support Center, Inc. was created to help people who fall between the cracks of the treatment system, or otherwise have not been able to obtain the kind of help they need.